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Our story

My life has been closely connected with animals as far as I remember. As a child I lived in the country. And although we did not have a farm, there were always a lot of animals around our house. At the age of twelve my biggest wish came true and I got a real dog of my own. Now a parent myself, I can only estimate what my parents did for me and I cannot thank them enough for their trust. Lili was a small white female dog looking a bit like a Chiuaua. When I got her, she was about two years old with the whole pack of bad socialization and fears. She was my friend and the best teacher. From that time all my decisions, concerning my future ways of life and jobs, were connected with animals. In 2000 I finished the veterinarian high school, in 2007 I finished the studies at the Veterinarian faculty at the University of Ljubljana and became the doctor of veterinarian medicine. I have been in the job, that makes me happy and fulfilled, for nearly ten years now. At the moment I am the veterinarian at Vetris, the vet medical centre in Ilirska Bistrica.

Our first »Castra prima« (latin: the fort no.1) we built together with my partner in a village only a few steps from large meadows and woods. In 2011 we became a real family with a daughter Zala and in 2014 our son Anže joined us.

So the time came for a four legged family member and the wish would finally come true. I met a lot of different dogs doing my job. I was deeply touched by stories about neglected and abandoned animals in more and more shelters and unselfish help by people trying to correct the damage caused by other people and their irresponsible ownership. I decided to show what a thoughtful and responsible breeding of healthy dogs would be like. Our dog should be a purebred dog.

I was fascinated by two Howavart dogs who often came to our medical centre. I liked their look, their silky hair and especially their character. I started to look for Howavart litters and searcing on the internet, I gradually formed a picture of a dog I was looking for. After some waiting and arrangements with two breeders, I still did not get my ’black and tan’ female dog. Loosing patience, I finally, bravely, got in touch with a kennel in Austria and the breeder Mag. Magdalena Ritchka, who at that time had a litter with the date of birth 14 Jan.2014, and still a ’turbo girl’, black with brown marks. After a few days I was on my way to Austria and something inside made me sure this time luck was on my side.

When, with my friend, we arrived to the family house in Vienna, we were welcomed by a deep barking of two wonderful female dogs. After a warm reception we got to know the members of the kennel »Vom Wiener Stadtrand«. My chosen puppy girl was really the chief energetic and self-confident teaser, just like the one to come to our family.

Soon after coming to her new home, Vinnie became Kara and in her first ’small school for dogs’, she learnt Slovene fluently very quickly. Unfortunately, at her five months, an acccident happened. She ran under the backward driving car. She was operated the very same day. Her thighbone was corrected with osteosinthesis (?) Some week immobilization followed and two months of recovery. Kara was an example of a patience. The treatment was very successful and her limping nearly vanished after a few months. The hair covered har shaved leg and everything became jast a pale memory.

In the autumn we went to the examination of young dogs organized the Hovawart club of Slovenia. We got quite some stimulation and advice from the members of the club about how to go on.

We started our successful way at dog shows and and at the same time we made all necessary veterinary examinations and even the BBH exam. In the end of March 2019 Kara passed her breeding examination with a note: »very nice, female dog, good breeding potenital«.

The name of the kennel Castra Prima comes from the first mentioning of the village where I grew up and means the fist fort. Prem is a picturesque village at the edge of the hills Brkini in the comunity of Ilirska Bistrica. The village extands between two hills with a church on one side and a castle on the other side. My breeding will be based upon choosing healthy dogs with stable characters following the standards and looks of Hovawart representative dogs. The biggest care will be on early socialization and health and I will do my best to reach this aim by all possible means, knowledge and originality so that the puppy will go to the new home ready as well as it can be. I wish my puppies would find homes where their owners would feel as safe as in a fort. At the same time I wish that the dogs would enjoy in trust and cohabitation with their humans for the key for the best cohabitation is in cooperation. Hovawarts are extremely intelligent and they really enjoy their life when their senses are completey engaged mentally and phisically. It can be done only with everyday interaction, high aims and consistency. This is the way to get the best from the dog and at the same time the dog can get the best of the human. I wish the future owners of my puppies would be proud of their achievements either in sports or at home. May they become best friends and the dog the indispensible member of the family.