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Queen of the castle,
Vinnie vom
Wiener Stadtrand - Kara

About Kara


Kennel Castra Prima - our story...

The name of the kennel Castra Prima comes from the first mentioning of the village where I grew up and means the fist fort. Prem is a picturesque village at the edge of the hills Brkini in the comunity of Ilirska Bistrica. The village extands between two hills with a church on one side and a castle on the other side.

My life has been closely connected with animals as far as I remember. As a child I lived in the country. And although we did not have a farm, there were always a lot of animals around our house. Since we have had Kara, the sense of ’having a dog’ became much larger. It is always joyful in our family because of her affection and her high spirits. The children, however small, can play with her for hours and we all acquire from her. Kara has been giving us more than we can give her.

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