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Hovawart kennel FCI - KZS - HWKS



The first litter in our kennel was born in April!

More information - LITTER K

My breeding will be based upon choosing healthy dogs with stable characters following the standards and looks of Hovawart representative dogs. The biggest care will be on early socialization and health and I will do my best to reach this aim by all possible means, knowledge and originality so that the puppy will go to the new home ready as well as it can be. I wish my puppies would find homes where their owners would feel as safe as in a fort. At the same time I wish that the dogs would enjoy in trust and cohabitation with their humans for the key for the best cohabitation is in cooperation. Hovawarts are extremely intelligent and they really enjoy their life when their senses are completey engaged mentally and phisically. It can be done only with everyday interaction, high aims and consistency. This is the way to get the best from the dog and at the same time the dog can get the best of the human. I wish the future owners of my puppies would be proud of their achievements either in sports or at home. May they become best friends and the dog the indispensible member of the family.